Whether it’s been a good or bad week, I know I always need to power through. With a top-notch sky gym overlooking the city, the view makes it so much better for me to get motivated, and stay fit at any time of day.


Style on fleek. Fitness on track.


When it comes to the outdoors, I get to be interactive as well. Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing and using the fresh greens available in my own urban farm.

Day or night, a priceless view is mine to enjoy. On top of that, I get to create new moments with a sky BBQ and outdoor theatre at my disposal.

The sight of lush greens and the tranquil waters of my 45m swimming pool is just what I need to feel relaxed and at ease when the weekend arrives.


Lounge and relax in the jacuzzi area where soothing bubble jets will help you to loosen up and enjoy the serenity around you

A fun and colourful nursery is all set for my kids to explore and learn.

The lounges are great when I want to refresh my mind in a different ambience. It’s perfect for hosting those little get-togethers as well. Everyone can enjoy a posh setting and chill without having to step foot into my own private space.

3 Electric vehicle charging stations


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